The mystery of patten’s secret codes – Part 3

Only 18 days ago did I last write about the RADICARIAN code updating with content. At that time, I asked the group about the PHTHALO code. To which, they replied with a clock emoji. Fast forward to now: I just checked it. It has content on it. And guess what? It. Keeps. Going. Deeper.

NOTE: The initial four parts of this series of articles were made before it had clicked with me that most of the links are merely part of a larger mood board or nexus of links to things that inspire patten. As such, a lot of the text here is written in that I’m expecting it to lead up to something big, when in reality there wasn’t. With that in mind, read on and enjoy my dorky excitement.

NOTE 2: PSI VIPs, despite being teased below, was never actually released. Just in case you were wondering about that like I was.

A screenshot from the video embedded above, displaying the text "Psi VIPs...11/16".

Well hello there! A short 30 second video teasing the release of “Psi VIPs”, which if that date is to be believed, will be coming out some time this month. Now, this video is the only thing one sees on the PHTHALO page unless they were to view the source code. Which we shall do right now.

The first two barely fit on my screen so it I unfortunately had to zoom out as much as possible to grab them. But the thing is, these are all very familiar. We’ve seen all of these lil pictures before on the RADICARIAN page. Well, apart from the fact that the first two seem to be merging into each other weirdly. In terms of non ASCII-based things, theres four notable bits of text. The first is a repeat of “11/16”, The second and third are two goo .gl links and the fourth one links to an image of the Psi vinyl, taken from the Bleep store. On closer inspection of that last one, it turns out that it’s a bit of a mess to go into, so we’ll save it for last.

Goo .gl link number one takes us here:

It’s an old-ish (read: September) interview with D & A about the various things that have or would influence the pair when it comes to making music.

Photo of D & A of patten.

Look at these two cuties. Bless ’em.

Anyway moving onward, the second goo .gl we get is to a specific post made on their Facebook page in April:

It entirely comprises of this one photo and a link to their Instagram page, which also has the same photo.

Surreal image of an android with an uncannily humanoid face, about to be covered by strips of what appears to be a mask to make it look more human.

Before patten became somewhat of a “public” entity with identifiable people fronting it, their social media was known to post especially cryptic things, ranging from surreal images such as this one, to weird ASCII flotsam. The source behind this particular image is that of a Daily Express news article, highlighting the worlds “most human-like robot“. Though, if I’m completely honest, it’s still rather obvious that it’s a robot when you look at the imagery. Moving on.

Right, yes. Time for the big one. The final link sends you to this image here:

A photo of the Psi vinyl.

Well well well. The vinyl version of Psi. But what’s that little white bar on the side there?

Close up of the above photo, highlighting the code "AMBERGRIS SIMISOVA FIRE-LIGHT"

ambergris simisova fire-light

Screenshot of the 404 page on patten's website

…Well, it’s a dead end right now. Nothing in the source code. One remark to make is that it has an incredibly similar URL to RADICARIAN’s page. Only difference is that instead of 21 underscores, it has 27. Now my immediate assumption to this is that this is actually intentional. This page is (technically) linked to through the PHTHALO page, which teases a release for “11/16” which can only mean “November 2016”. It’s a bit naive to think in such a linear fashion with patten, but I’m totally gonna run with the idea that Psi VIPs is going to come out on the 27th of this month. If not, then it was a total red herring that I fell for.

But a thought went through my head after I found everything on PHTHALO. If there’s an entirely different code on the vinyl, that means there’s *two* different codes on the vinyl. So I reverse image searched the picture, and bingo, it’s directly on the Bleep store page for it. How did I not even begin to *think* about looking here beforehand, I have no idea. But I was right. The other side does indeed have a second code in it.

A photo of the other side of the patten vinyl cover.

A closeup of said vinyl cover, highlighting the alternate code "ERSATZ PERANTIQUE HARUSPEX"


Well, it’s just another embed of the 11/16 video. The source code has one remarkable thing about it, which is that the ASCII art in the first two pictures at the start of this article aren’t merged together anymore, but other than that it features the same links minus the one to the image of the vinyl showing the AMBERGRIS code.

So uh. That’s it, so far. As far as I can tell, the vinyl codes seem to be leading pretty much the same direction as the CD codes, they just feature different words. If AMBERGRIS ever changes, then I guess we’ll be doing a part 4 of this series. But I say we should probably stick around and wait for Psi VIPs to show up beforehand. To end on a positive note, patten have switched the widget used on the Epsilon Reprise download page, and it actually works! So go grab that if you haven’t already. ♥

Edit: AMBERGRIS updated. 

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