The mystery of patten’s secret codes – Part 4

3 days later and It’s already updated. Heck, it might’ve been sooner than that, I just didn’t check until today. But uh. This update is very special indeed.

NOTE: The initial four parts of this series of articles were made before it had clicked with me that most of the links are merely part of a larger mood board or nexus of links to things that inspire patten. As such, a lot of the text here is written in that I’m expecting it to lead up to something big, when in reality there wasn’t. With that in mind, read on and enjoy my dorky excitement.

ASCII screenshot, which itself shows a skewed screenshot of how auriga platform looked back when I made the first post about the codes.

It’s literally the first part of this article series in ASCII (before I switched the titles around, mind you). And, yes, much like RADICARIAN, this has links scattered about in it but the entire page makes my browser cry bloody murder so we’re going to having a gander into the source code for those instead. Sorry if that ruins the fun a bit but my poor computer can’t take it 🙁

The first link we encounter is at the top; It’s a goo .gl link, and it’s very familiar at that. Specifically, it sends us back here again:

An image of Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

Directly underneath all that lot is some new ASCII art:

Ok, the clock one isn’t new, we’ve seen that one about 3 different times now, but everything else is new. Some Mac Classic logos, Psi, 555-5555’s logo and a messaging logo.

Underneath all that we have an excerpt from the lyrics to the song “Locq”

Outline turning
Move in an arc
Sky’s clouded
Try to read that

Ok. Here we go. It’s time for the links embedded in the Auriga Platform ASCII image.

Link 1: 30minutesrain again. Une chose á la fin. Page unchanged.

Link 2: 4m39s. Something new.

It leads to a mostly blank page, nothing but a simple player on there, with a song on it. To be more precise, it’s an extended edit of Pixação. And it’s possibly even better than the original.

Moving onward into the source code;

Psi, Messaging, Entering a house. Still not sure what the significance of the messaging symbol is – Do you two wanna talk or are you possibly hinting “hey you doofus, go read our interviews with extreme detail because there’s a clue there”? Hm.

Three goo .gl links also;

1) – Dazed’s original article containing both a full stream for Psi and also an interview with D & A. Well, that answers my question I guess.

2) Stock photo of office workers laughing at something on the laptop in front of them

I’m not sure if I should take offense to this or not.

3)Photo of a harpsichord

Yep, that’s a Harpsichord. Hrm.

Looking through the Dazed article I didn’t particularly see anything of important note at all. So, let’s move on.

Link 3) 8D141016. Again, it’s exactly the same. I still can’t identify what song is being played but it sounds amazing.

And uh. That’s it. I’m rather lost now having most likely fallen directly into patten’s trap that they made for me. Only one new link, which didn’t really lead very far (apart from a nice little extra bit of bonus content, shout outs). And, inexplicably, linking back to both 30minutesrain and 8D… I’m missing something here for sure but I don’t quite know what exactly. I re-checked the second vinyl code and it’s still the same as before, along with multiple of the other old code links. Only AMBERGRIS seems to have updated, which further confuses me.

I had the idea of the fact they used the first part of this series in ASCII form for AMBERGRIS would be significant in some way, as if they changed the links there around at all but they haven’t. I checked exactly where each link on AMBERGRIS is and here they are in order:

The black knight in the painting “Le Livre du cœur d’amour épris”, Some unidentifiable possibly WordPress-related button and the button on an advert shown at the bottom of the page. Again, I can’t really see much, if any, significance of choosing these specific spots apart from them being more difficult to hunt down.

So, you’ve officially lost me, patten. Not that I ever knew where I was going. I was led blindly down this path by you and now you’ve suddenly vanished without a trace, leaving me alone in a dark and scary forest. And I’m loving every single minute of it.

…Please do, maybe, drop a hint though. There’s probably something super obvious I’ve missed.

Edit: Just some weird things I’ve remembered/found.

1) patten promoted an article by them on the website Hyponik, which was a detailed track-by-track rundown of Psi. For some inexplicable reason, track 10 is listed as “Intercity” when on the album it is called “Cache”.

2) I downloaded the audio file from 4m39s; and, yep, I was on the dot. Interestingly, The album tag says it’s taken from “Psi (Instrumentals)”. So this now makes *two* new Psi related releases that have been teased.

3) Oh god I’m actually an integral part of this entire thing now aren’t I

Screenshot of a text file I put together, detailing the various things found from these sites that might be of note and things that are not relevant.

Edit: Well, one of those wild hunches was right at least.

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