The mystery of patten’s secret codes – Part 5

Hello again. It’s time to refresh.

On September the 15th, at around 7PM, I received a Twitter mention from patten, completely unprompted. It simply contained a single image of the Refresh icon. The day after just so happened to be the 1 year anniversary of Psi being released to stores, and I guess as part of the celebrations, we’re finally received closure on the Psi Mini-ARG (or whatever you wanna call it).

Screenshot of patten sending me a message on twitter, with an image of a curved arrow, signifying me to refresh.

Now then. This tweet obviously got me very excited for a finale to one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of. How do I know it’s a finale? Well, let’s just say they made it a little obvious.

Another screenshot of a message patten sent me on Twitter, this time with a stock photo of a hand putting in the final piece to a jigsaw puzzle

Despite the name of it implying something such as “things have changed in the older pages”, that’s actually not true at all. Think back, if you will, to the final two codes that we found on the vinyl images. One of them was a just a copy paste of one of the other sites – ERSATZ PERANTIQUE HARUSPEX. Well, it’s not a copy anymore!

An image put together by patten made to imitate parked domain websites which display random assortments of quote unquote related links.

Wonderfully, their final part of this adventure has them messing with me once again. Not too long before this site got its update, I made a shitpost on Twitter about making your website look like a parked domain – which the duo liked.

A tweet I made on September 4th 2017, reading "make your super secret webpage look like a parked domain page so only the kool kidz (tm) know how to get in and access exclusive wallpapers". The tweet was favourited by patten

I mean, they made it pretty damn obvious but fuck if I didn’t collapse laughing when I initially saw this beast. Anyway, for this site we’re treated to 30 links. So you’d best go get yourself a cup of tea or something and get your feet up cos we’re gonna be here for quite a while. Also, because of the sheer amount of links that are here, I shant be going into much detail about most of these. Enjoy.

1) Leminscate – A link to a wikipedia article for “Lemniscate”, apparently something to do with figure-eight or infinity shaped curves in algebra. Infinity, eh? One would think this implies it’s not really over…

2) Bines Punk ABC – Self explanatory. Instagram post from patten of some graffiti that simply states “BINES PUNK ABC”. No, it’s not another code, despite it’s appearance.

3) 31,536,000 seconds – A unit converter, which is turning 356 days into seconds. One year anniversary, and that.

4) Expressionistic Hiss – Yep.

5) Varga (V.M.) – A link to the Fargo Wikia, specifically to the article on the character V.M. Varga.

6) Dutch Realist Echo – A history site talking about Dutch Realism in fine art. Should make for a good read!

7) Single file to hide their numbers – An article on Scientific American, talking about the way Tusken Raiders from Star Wars (other sci-fi franchises are available) ride single file being a valid military tactic. I have no idea, but it seems neat.

8) Ganzfeld party – An instructables link on using Ganzfeld masks to “Hack your brain the legal way”.

9) Pavlovian Snare – A youtube video detailing Pavlovian conditioning.

10) Notional endzone – A link to a dictionary site, defining the word “frame”. Not sure entirely what the title of the link means.

11) Sound World – A youtube video of someone’s class project of doing Foley work with a Hunger Games scene.

12) Insignia – A wikipedia link to “Psi (letter)”. How true.

13) SEARCH – Just a link to the band’s Discogs page. Nothing more, nothing less.

14) Freddie Sykes – A link to the Twin Peaks Wikia for the character of that very name.

15) Nudge unit – A news article from The Guardian detailing “The rise of nudge”, aka the “nudge unit”, aka the behavioural insights team, a private company partly owned by the Cabinet Office. A team entirely dedicated to applying insights from behavioural psychology to almost anything. Fascinating.

16) Bechdel – Self explanatory, it’s a link to the Bechdel Test website, listing all the movies that do and don’t pass said test. It’s a pretty fun little thing and shows up just how bad certain movies can be because of it.

17) Strobe – EXTREMELY OBVIOUS. I don’t think I need to give you a warning but I will anyway, this is literally 1 hours of extremely fast flashing lights, so big Epilepsy Warning here, folks.

18) DreamLogik – A rather interesting youtube video detailing the difference between the movie and script of 2010’s Inception.

19) Library – The entirety of the short story “The Library of Babel” by Jorge Luis Borges, thus bringing this whole thing back full circle.

20) Sands – A youtube playlist of Days of Our Lives intros through the ages. How poignant.

21) ist mirant stella – A link to an amazing looking site called “Fun Trivia”, questioning what the phrase “ISTI MIRANT STELLA” means.

22) Widescreen – Google Books link to a very specific page of a film history book, detailing the creation of VistaVision, one of the many early widescreen formats from the 50s.

23) Dyson Sphere – An article about KIC 8462852, a star that lives 1.5k light-years away that may or may not have an infrastructure around it built by aliens.

24) Dasein – A lin k to an Eng-Ger dictionary, defining the meaning of the German word “Dasein”.

25) Coils – A youtube video of arcs made out of electricity.

26) Galle cratr – Does this look familiar to you?

27) Proximal – A youtube clip of the 2001 movie “Waking Life”.

28) Delta – A youtube video clip from Top of the Pops, of the band Delta 5. I can tell you now, it’s worth checking out. It’s pretty damn good.

29) Tapestry – A gif of aslowly rotating DNA cell, or so I assume. I believe this to be the source for the DNA ASCII art we saw in one of the earlier microsites.

And finally, the pièce de résistance, our reward for making it through everything else:

30) Go

Remember that really neat 3D model of D & A we saw earlier? Yeah, well now it’s been turned into an awesome interactive audio-spatial scene. Load it up, and rotate or zoom into/out of the model and listen in closely. For example, if you move close to A’s mouth and you’ll hear her singing more clearly. move away and it becomes more muffled against the backing instrumentation. It’s pretty fun to play with, and a very cute little reward for finding everything.

So there we have it! That’s everything there is to the Psi micro-site game. If you’re like me, you’re probably curious as to what the significance of some of the previous items we found were. Things like 8D141016 or 11/16. Well, as for the first bit, that was merely a clip of patten’s set at the Lunchmeat Festival in Prague last year. I have a video of the set here which was taken separately from the 8D141016 clip – the bit that lines up with it is at 2:46. Strobe/Epilepsy warning once again.

As it turns out, the song is literally called “8D”. Far as I know, it hasn’t been formally released by the duo yet, but they’ve played it once on their 555-5555 show on NTS once, just a bit before the live show happened. As for 11/16? Well, an answer might show itself soon. It’s still teased in the source code for ERSATZ, even. Well, come to think of it, the source code for it hasn’t changed at all apart from the image and link mapping at the bottom. Interesting.

Any other things we might have thought of as leads weren’t. As it turns out, all of the entrances were in front of our eyes to begin with. Everything else was a distraction. I suppose the question now is, will a similar event happen with patten’s next album? Well, my dear… The future is uncertain; you never know what’s going to be around the next corner.

2 thoughts on “The mystery of patten’s secret codes – Part 5

  1. Fascinating stuff through and through. I’m going to have a hoot going through all these links.

    Maybe something else will be unveilled on November 16th? Next album perhaps? 🙂

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