auriga.platform was originally created as a personal blog for things such as reviews. Back in 2016, I posted a series of articles detailing the easter eggs that the music duo patten had been putting in their CD and Vinyl releases for the past couple of years. Despite the year or so break between the final two parts, the series has now ended until their next release (which will no doubt entail some new kind of maze.) Until that day arrives, this place will occasionally be used for me to hash out some lengthy thoughts on various things as well as practice for writing articles.

Here are some other details:
– My name is Avery
– I use singular they/them pronouns
– I also edit and co-host a podcast called Dic Geeks which you can read more about >here<
– I can be found on Mastodon >here<
– Finally, note that when I say “occasionally”, I mean that several months could go by without a new post.

auriga.platform is currently on version 2.1.1. Version 2.0 happened on the original wp.com blog, with a theme redesign. Version 2.1 signifies the change over to dot org, the new domain and a second theme change.  2.1.1 merely signifies the change in domain since whoops! don’t got the money for that fancy dancy .pw thing for more than a year.

Thanks to AS393949 (Asinine Tech) for hosting us.